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Wait! You do that, too?

Some people wonder how the things I do fit together under one umbrella and I’d like to take this opportunity to share a little bit about my journey and how I piece together all the things that I do.

My purpose on this earth is to serve. I was chosen to be my mother’s first child to support her and transform her into the mother she is today.

I stepped into my role of supporting children and adults naturally as the firstborn. I became the intermediary between them. That naturally led me towards a career in healthcare. In healthcare, I learned about the horrific realities many families in my community faced during, before, and after childbirth. I learned about the ways families tend to feel alone during postpartum and I wanted to make a positive impact. I became a childcare provider (babysitter) as my initiation of my postpartum doula work. When my contract with that family ended, I completed my training in full spectrum birth work and became a doula. I hold sacred space for families before, during, and after the birth of their child, and in the event of pregnancy loss, I hold space for them there too.

Birth work is a spiritual practice. Energy is introduced and transferred at birth, and I decided to understand these energies. Through my studies of Reiki, I am able to understand energy to help people heal themselves. Reiki works passively to help people identify their feelings and detach themselves from blockages that might exist.

Throughout my studies, I’ve taught myself aromatherapy as a tool to support myself and my clients through these important transformative moments. I’ve also learned the art of tarot and oracle to further understand energies and to create active conversations with Spirit.

The work I do is sacred and important. I hope to make positive impacts in my worlds and bring confidence during difficult times. Sometimes all you need is someone to listen, hold your hand, or pull some cards for you. I promise to be there for you to help work things out.

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