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Glow With Jaz | All Natural Tanning Oil

Glow With Jaz | All Natural Tanning Oil

Made with Love & Intention, Glow With Jaz is a tanning oil that allows you to shine your brightest self using natural ingredients you can find at your local market.
Avocado Oil: increases collagen production and reduces inflammation to soothe the skin. Rich in vitamin E. Highly moisturizing without being oily. (spf 15)
Olive Oil:  Rich in vitamin E and vitamin A, which help to repair and renew skin. Prevents signs of sun damage. Highly moisturizing without being oily. (spf 8)
Raspberry Seed Oil: high in vitamin E, vitamin A, and natural antioxidants. Helps reduce and prevent skin damage. Has anti-inflammatory properties to promote smooth skin (spf 25+)
Carrot Seed Oil:  is rich in antioxidants and contains vitamins A, E, and C. Can reduce the signs of aging and get rid of free radicals to help even skin tone. Has antibacterial properties. (spf 35+)
Lavender Essential Oil: nearly instant calming affect, on physical and spiritual self. Profoundly healing to skin with antimicrobial & antiseptic properties. Repels bugs naturally.
Sandalwood Essential Oil: eases muscle pain. Promotes relaxation and relieves stress. Has anti inflammatory & antiseptic properties. Repels bugs & mosquitos.
Mica Powder: an all natural shimmer powder that leaves a light sheen on the skin. It is very subtle and sleek, not glittery.
Ingredients will settle - Shake well before each use
The shimmer in this oil is 100% natural, therefor it is very subtle & sleek on the skin.

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